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Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

DWQM(Dam Water Quality Monitor System)

 ・ Equipped with rotary cleaning mechanism (brushes and wipers) to remove both organic and inorganic fouling that occurs on critical sensor surfaces per measurement, consistent and reliable data can be obtained.

 ・ The storage container is made from stainless steel.

 ・ As an optional extra, chlorophyll and UV sensors are also available (Stored in different containers).




Turbidity Water Temperature pH DO Conductivity Water Depth Chlorophyll a Sensor
Range 0 to 1000mg/L -10 to +40℃ 2 to 12pH 0 to 20mg/L 0 to 100mS/m 0 to 50m 0200ug/L
Accuracy +/- 2% (F.S.) +/- 0.2℃ +/- 0.2pH +/- 0.4mg/L +/- 3% (F.S.) +/- 0.2m
Method Backscattered
Integrating Sphere

Platinum Resistance Temperature Detector

Glass Electrode       Diaphragm Electrode
Electromagnetic Induction

Pressure Sensor(Semiconductor strain gage)





In dam lakes…

 ・ It is possible to make long term observations anywhere on the lake when the system is mounted on float and buoy.

 ・ From the field to the water quality data processor, the obtained data is transmitted by wired (optical cable, etc.) or wireless (professional-use TLM, specified low power radio, Wi-Fi, etc.) connections.      


         ブイタイプ       Solar-powered buoy

 ・ The water quality data processor shows the collected data on a display in an easy-to-understand manner.



鉛直分布図    Vertical profile data


コンター図    Contour figure


      トレンド図   trend figure



 ・ Fixing guide rail wire to dam’s intake tower, the electric winch is used to raise and lower KW-2 automatically based on predetermined sequences.

 ・ The approximate time is required within 3minutes per measurement (per layer).

 ■In rivers

 ・ Placing a sensor in a guard pipe, data is collected by control panel.

   Example of protection pipe  


Solar-powered control panel (with built-in simplified radio)


■Portable type
  • It can be loaded on boat and measurement at arbitary places can be done. Because it is possible to change the measurement point, observations at many positions can be done in a short time and utilization range of the data spreads.
  • As device has function to transmit data to external device so after returning shore, data processing can be done using computer.
  • Power supply can be AC100V or DC12V but conditions of usage can not be selected.ポータブル

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