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Water Quality Monitoring Equipment

TB T-2R(Turbidity/water Temperature meter)

 ・ Depending on water quality, the measuring method can be chosen from low to high concentration in response to application.

 ・  Equipped with rotary cleaning mechanism (brushes and wipers) to remove both organic and inorganic fouling that occurs on critical sensor surfaces per measurement, consistent and reliable data are available.

 ・ A long-term monitoring (constant monitoring) can be provided at the facilities for dam lakes and rivers

 In dam lakes…

 ・ In order to grasp the state of water quality in the reservoirs, the electric winch is used to raise and lower the instrument automatically based on predetermined sequences.

 ・ Vertical Information on water quality (each deep layer) is available.

 ・ It is possible to make long term observations anywhere on the lake when the system is mounted on float and buoy. From the field to the water quality data processor, the obtained data is transmitted by wired (optical cable, etc.) or wireless (professional-use TLM, specified low power radio, Wi-Fi, etc.) connections.





■In rivers…

 ・ In influent and effluent stream, turbidity and water temperature are measured  with a stationary method.




Measurement accuracy

  Turbidity Water Temperature
Range 0~2000FTU -10~40℃
Accuracy ±2%F.S ±0.2℃
Method      Backscattered Light
Integrating Sphere
Platinum Resistance 
Temperature Detector

Example of Water Quality Data Measurement Unit

Example of Water Quality Data Processing Unit

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