Oceanographic Equipment

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Oceanographic Equipment

Capacitance Type Wave Height and Tide Meter


 This is a device which is installed on the quay and measures the wave height.
Because of sea surface displacement, capacitance of the wave height detection wire changes. In this type of wave height meter, wave height is calculated by detecting change in capacitance of wire.

Tide level and wave period can be calculated and outputted from wave signal.


An example of System Configuration

 ・ Primary Detection Unit : One(primary-detecting-element installation requirements:-5~-50℃)

 ・ Head Amplifier    1 Unit

 ・ Signal Converter    1 Unit

 ・ Signal Processor    1 Unit




Signal Converter



Wave Height Detection Wire





An example of Specifications

Item Detection Method Measured Range Accuracy
WaveHeight       Change in the capacitance of the detector is measured 0~10m(IncludingTidal) ±1% FS
Sea level Wave signal is processed in signal processor to calculate sea level ±5m ±1% FS
Period Wave signal is processed in signal processor to calculate wave period 125Second ±1Second


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