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Oceanographic Equipment

Microwave Type Wave Height Meter WM-2


WM-2 measures and records consecutive wave height data from the sea platform in a ship or an oceanic tower, etc.

 ・ The structure of sensor is strong enough to withstand the impact of sea water.

 ・ The signal processor can output the real value(real wave height value)

 ・ The observation accuracy is less than ±10%

 ・ Since wave height measurement is done without any direct contact of sensor with sea water , this system is almost maintenance free.

 ・ This system can be installed not only in a vessel but on an transonic tower, on a pier and on an estuary weir.

The accurate value of sea wave height is obtained by removing effect of hull agitation (that is value received from accelerometer).


It is a value when measured wave height was between 0.2~8.0m and wave period was between 3~15 seconds.


We supply our WM-2 for Research Vessel 'Sagar Nidhi' of INCOIS (Indian National Centre for Ocean Information Services).

User's voice "The real time data for wave height will be used by INCOIS for validation of sea state forecast."






Sensor Unit


Dimensions φ240mm×232mm
Weight 7kg







Dimensions 190mm×190mm×155mm
Weight 7kg




Connection Box


Dimensions 250mm×200mm×150mm
Weight 4kg





Signal Processor


Dimensions 410mm×227mm×99mm
Weight 7kg




Major Specifications

Method Microwave Doppler Radar
Measured Wave Height Range 0~±14.5m
Measured Wave Period Range less than 20sec
Resolution 1.4cm
Precision Less than 10% of measured value
Response Frequency 1Hz
Output Real Wave Height, Significant , Average Wave Height
Digital Output Significant Wave height 3 digits, Wave Period 3 digits
Transmitted Frequency 10.525GHz
Transmitted Output 10mW(Microwave Output)
Wave Type CW
Antenna Gain 19dB
Antenna Radiation Beam Angle around 6.5°(Half Angle)
Antenna Type Parabolic antenna
Power AC110V+20V, -10V
Operating Temperature Range +10℃~+40℃(Other than electromagnetic horn section)
-20℃~+50℃(Electromagnetic horn section)

An antenna matched to the installation situation might become necessary in the small craft etc. please contact us for further inquiry.


Major Specification of Accelerometer

Maximum Resistance Acceleration ±20G
Measured Range ±2G
Linearity ±0.5%FS
Response Frequency DC~100Hz

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