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Oceanographic Equipment



The TSK expendable profiling systems allow the collection of highly accurate oceanographic data from moving platforms. They produce cost effective profiles of ocean conditions from ships,and airplanes. For all the expendable models,depth is calculated from the well known drop rate of the hydrodynamically shaped probes.


 ■XBT Probes

Type Measuring Depth(m) Ship Speed(Kt) Measuring Time (sec.)
T-10 300 10 50
T-6 460 15 75
T-4 460 30 75
T-7 760 15 120
T-7(20Kt) 760 20 120
T-5 1,830 6 295

■XCTD  Probes

Type Measuring Depth(m) Ship Speed(Kt) Measuring Time (sec.)
XCTD-1    1,000 12 300
  XCTD-2   1,850 3.5 575
XCTD-3 1,000 20 205
XCTD-4   1,850 6 540



  Temperature Conductivity
XBT Range -2~35℃
Accuracy ±0.2℃
XCTD Range -2~35℃ 0~60mS/cm
Accuracy ±0.02℃ ±0.03mS/cm

XBT/XCTD Digital converter MK-150N

Size 320(W)mm×265(D)mm×46(H)mm
Weight Approx. 2.7kg
Power AC100V +/- 10%,50/60Hz
Operational temperature 0 to 40℃
Operational humidity 0 to 90%RH (however non condensing)


Launcher is a device which is used to drop probes into the sea. It is also an on-board repeater to transmit signals from probes dropped into the sea to a convertor.
Convertor is a device to convert, record, and regenerate signals from probes.
Data Acquisition
Data processor is a processing unit to record and regenerate signals converted by a convertor. Store-bought PC can be applied as a data processor.
Probe consists of a sensor area where is dropped into the sea and connection between the sensor and launcher. We have a wide variety of probes

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