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Oceanographic Equipment

Vertical Multiple-opening Plankton Sampler VMPS


 The VMPS is a plankton net sampler that makes collections with vertical tows. The system is ideally suited for monitoring the vertical distribution of plankton and for collecting living specimens.

 The on-deck system consists of a controller unit and an optional,user supplied computer. The system is raised through the water column with an oceanographic winch,making precise positioning and operation possible.

 Prior to deployment the nets are spring loaded.A trigger holds the nets in a closed position unit a signal from the Net Controller turns on the trigger motor.This releases the trigger and opens the net.Each net is open until the next is triggered.

 During operation,flow volume,depth,and net position data are sent to the sufface and displayed on the Net Conetroller and can be stored on a personal computer.



 Underwater unit  Plankton net   Caliber   500mm×500mm
  Length   2,500mm 
  Net fabric   NGG544,NXX13 etc
 Net frame   Material   SUS304 Stainless Alloy
  Size   800mm×1,150mm×460mm 
  Weight   85kg
  Accessory equipment

   Underwater controller,Trigger unit

     Flow meter,Net position sensor
 Depth sensor   Method    Semiconductor Straingauge
  Range   0~3,000m
     (Special order:6,000m available)
  Accuracy   ±20m(±40m)
 On-deck unit      Size   300mm×100mm×260mm
   Weight   apporox.7kg

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