Oceanographic Equipment

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Oceanographic Equipment

Oceanographic Winches

 We, along with wires and cables for marine observation, and various ocean observation winch available depending on the application.

Electric Winch

This winch is electrically operated. No hydraulic power unit is required,This winch can be installed on a small ship.


Electrohydraulic Winch PDF Catalog DOWNLOAD(PDF/110KB)

This winch has a built-in hydraulic power unit. No external hydraulic power unit is required.

  • No hydraulic power supply from vessel is required as the hydraulic power unit is included in the winch.
  • Hydraulic power assures stable reeling up and paying out of wire or cable.
  • The clutch mechanism on the winch makes FREE SLACK available.
  • Operation continuously variable from slow to high speeds.
  • Level wind is available by optionally adding a drum with grooves and shifter.
  • Even during hydraulic systems failures,wire or cable can be reeled up,or paid out with a handle installed for fail safe purposes.

Hydraulic Winch PDF Catalog DOWNLOAD(PDF/150KB)

This winch operate with high performance. It is suitable for every purpose of observation.

DDVC Winch

 This is a winch system capable of controlling winding and unwinding of hydraulic winch automatically in response to motions of the ship. Highly-advanced electronic control technology is assimilated into this system. With this system, equipment in the ocean can stay in a depth stably without being influenced by motions of the ship.



DDVC winch animation is this one


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T.S.K manufactures and sells oceanographic observation equipments
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