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Ever since the late Masao Iwamiya established The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd. as a manufacturer of oceanographic instruments and systems in 1928, many different types of products are used by our customers who are involved with oceanographic research and observation.

In 1975, Hiroshi Iwamiya succeeded to the position of his father, Masao Iwamiya. He accelerated digitization of our products foreseeing the coming of digital age. He also dedicated himself to adoption of leading-edge technologies for our products until he passed his position to his son-in-law, Michihiko Tachikawa, in 2008.

Advice and suggestions given to us from many of our customers have been invaluable for us to develop products with superior quality and higher accuracy. The experiences accumulated in the manufacturing of oceanographic equipment enabled us to manufacture instruments and systems to research, observe, and monitor water quality in dams, rivers, lakes, and marshes. In addition, we also supply a meteorological device to measure atmospheric conditions.

All the peoples of the earth are confronted with global warming, climate change, and environmental pollution. More over, energy and food shortages as well as depletion of the water become obvious. At this present moment, we should seriously think about protection and renovation of global environment.

We, The Tsurumi-Seiki Co., Ltd., will try every possible way for the development of new instruments and systems that preserve the global environment.

As a professional manufacturer of oceanographic and limnological equipment, we make it our mission to dedicate ourselves to the preservation of global environment through our instruments and systems. We will continue to focus on achieving our mission. It will be our great pleasure to have the opportunity to serve you.


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T.S.K manufactures and sells oceanographic observation equipments
as well as water quality monitors for dams and rivers.